(from example/test.py)

#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
    text_input = raw_input
    text_input = input

# path hack
import sys
import os
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('..'))

from vingd import Vingd

# sandbox backend:
v = Vingd(username="test@vingd.com", password="123", endpoint=Vingd.URL_ENDPOINT_SANDBOX, frontend=Vingd.URL_FRONTEND_SANDBOX)

# in production use:
#v = Vingd(username="<vingd-login-username>", password="<vingd-login-password>")

# profile/account

profile = v.get_user_profile()
print('I (%s) registered on %s.' % (profile['name'], profile['timestamp_created']))

balance = v.get_account_balance()
print('My balance is VINGD %.2f.' % (balance/100.0))

# voucher rewarding

voucher = v.create_voucher(amount=100, expires={'days':14})
print("I'm rewarding you with this 1 vingd voucher (%s): %s." % (voucher['raw']['vid_encoded'], voucher['urls']['redirect']))

vouchers = v.get_vouchers()
print("Now I have %d active vouchers." % len(vouchers))

used = v.get_vouchers_history(action='use')
print("Also, %d of my vouchers have been redeemed." % len(used))

expired = v.get_vouchers_history(action='expire')
print("And, %d of my vouchers have expired before anybody used them." % len(expired))

# selling

oid = v.create_object("My test object", "http://localhost:666/")
print("I've just created an object, just for you. OID is %d." % oid)

oid2 = v.update_object(oid, "New object name", "http://localhost:777/")
print("Object updated.")

object = v.get_object(oid)
print("Object last modified at %s, new url is %s" % (object['timestamp_modified'], object['description']['url']))

objects = v.get_objects()
print('I have %d active objects.' % len(objects))

order = v.create_order(oid, 200, context='optional purchase details')
print("I've also created an order (id=%d) for the object (oid=%d): %s" % (order['id'], order['object']['id'], order['urls']['redirect']))

tid = text_input("After you buy it, enter the Token ID here ('tid' param on callback url): ")
purchase = v.verify_purchase(oid, tid)
huid_buyer = purchase['huid']
context = purchase['context']
print("Purchase verified (buyer's HUID = %s, context = '%s')." % (huid_buyer, context))

commit = v.commit_purchase(purchase['purchaseid'], purchase['transferid'])
print("Content served, and purchase committed.")

# direct rewarding

reward = v.reward_user(huid_to=huid_buyer, amount=75, description='Testing direct rewarding')
print("User rewarded (transfer id = %s)." % reward['transfer_id'])

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